What Makes Us Amazing

  • We are a family owned and operated company which allows us to provide services in any area and what we would pay in franchise fees we are able to pass on to our caregivers.
  • Owners are personally involved in every case and every client has direct access to the owners.
  • All Amazing Grace Caregivers are insured and bonded employees of the company.
  • Clients and their families receive a schedule a week before services so that they are aware of who is coming in and when.
  • We are a family enriched company, and we embrace not just our clients but their families as well.
  • Every office staff member knows every client and every caregiver.
  • Our caregivers are ROCKSTARS and we take pride in each and every one of them.
  • We are a small agency, you are not a number, but a person with a name and a story.
  • We understand every side of the home care experience; from a client’s points of view, the family’s point of view, and the caregiver’s point of view.
  • Everyone in the office can cover a shift, and enjoys doing it!
Amazing Grace caregivers and client

Gerard, Dixon, Malik

Amazing Grace C.A.R.E.S.!

C.ompassionate about what we do
A.pproach each client as an unique individual
R.espect everyone involved, from client to their family to the caregiver
E.ducate the caregivers to provide the best personal care
S.upport the client and their families throughout the aging process

Dear Amazing Grace,

I can only guess how complicated a task it must be, finding the people and coordinating the schedules in order to provide care for your clients. To know that in addition to taking a personal interest in her, you repeatedly found exceptional people to care for Mom, is something I will always remember. I know how hard it sometimes was! The most important thing is that with the help of Amazing Grace, we kept our promise to our Mom that she would be able to stay in her little house by the sea till the end of her days.

Thank you for helping to make it all possible!

Best Regards,
Robin Holmes