Ways We Can Help:

  • Arranging transitional assistance following a hospital or rehab stay by providing support with daily care needs, food shopping, picking up medications and housekeeping to help you get settled back home
  • Providing companionship, assistance with daily care needs and peace of mind during family functions such as weddings, baptisms, Bar Mitzvah, funerals, family reunions, family vacations, or any other family event that might require specialized attention to you or your loved one
  • Coordinating care for you or your loved one who may need additional assistance during air travel by scheduling an experienced caregiver to accompany you through airport security, the boarding process, during the flight and all the way to your destination
  • Scheduling short term assistance with daily care needs following a recent surgery
  • Providing companionship and socialization following a recent passing of a loved one
  • Assistance with house cleaning and organizing your home
  • Provide support and companionship during a transition to a new home, whether you are moving into an Assisted Living Facility or moving in with family, our caregivers can provide support and assistance while you adjust to your new surroundings
  • Transport to and attend doctor’s appointments; including to and from dialysis, along with reporting information back to family if requested
  • Our Client Care Representative collaborates with other local companies to provide a full circle of care to you or your loved one

We provide all these amazing services in private homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and wherever else care is needed.

Our Care Binder

Our care binder is a comprehensive binder that is maintained in the client’s home providing detailed information regarding the client’s specific care needs so that our staff can provide the very best and most consistent care possible. The binder contains a personalized care plan that is tailored to your unique care needs along with detailed information regarding each caregiver’s visit, allowing family members the opportunity to monitor their loved ones daily activity and progress.

This binder also contains sections that provide education regarding client specific diagnoses and different services that provide support to our caregivers in caring for their client.

Dear Amazing Grace,

I can only guess how complicated a task it must be, finding the people and coordinating the schedules in order to provide care for your clients. To know that in addition to taking a personal interest in her, you repeatedly found exceptional people to care for Mom, is something I will always remember. I know how hard it sometimes was! The most important thing is that with the help of Amazing Grace, we kept our promise to our Mom that she would be able to stay in her little house by the sea till the end of her days.

Thank you for helping to make it all possible!

Best Regards,
Robin Holmes