Amazing Grace’s team gives back to both our Clients and our Community in many different ways. We take pride in the work that we do and we think it is important to acknowledge the amazing work that so many others do as well. Here are a few of our “Giving Back” Programs.

Give Back Program

Each quarter, Amazing Grace Private Home Care’s team participates in a “Give Back” Program to support our local community. We collect items, donate time, raise funds and participate in various ways to help those in need, those looking to make a difference and those needing a little ‘”grace.”

Amazing Grace GiveBack Program

Food Pantry

Fall 2016-  We gave back to the local Food Pantry. We collected nonperishable can items for the Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore through the North Street Community Chapel in Hingham. On June 1, 2016 we brought all the items to the pantry to help out this amazing cause.

Winter 2016- We gave back to the Possibilities Ministries, Inc. They are a nonprofit organization that assists in providing food and clothing to the homeless in our local area.  We collected items such as clothing, winter gloves, toiletries and blankets. It was our honor to be able to donate to this wonderful organization. Our own Danielle Stewart volunteers with this agency monthly.

Spring 2017- We are giving back to The Home for Little Wanderers. They provide a comprehensive continuum of services to help their most at-risk children and young adults succeed in their lives.We are collecting kids clothing, art and crafts supplies, shoes, sporting equipment, board games and hygiene products to be donated.

Making Candy Bags

Amazing Grace gives back

Ted Stebbins

Ted is the Executive Director of the candy bag factory at Robin Hill Farm in Hillsboro, New Hampshire where he lives. Working together with other residents and staff members, Ted assembles each individual candy bag with love and care. This activity brings the residents at Robin Hill Farm, who are all survivors of traumatic brain injuries, together and helps fortify a greater sense of community. Ted’s candy bags have become a favorite of our clients and referral partners because everyone enjoys a sweet treat every now and then.

Flower Delivery

Harrison Stebbins of Amazing Grace gives flowers to clients monthly

Harrison Stebbins and Ruth

It doesn’t matter what age you are; every girl enjoys getting flowers.  A couple times a year, owner Harrison Stebbins will spend a day bringing flowers to all his female clients. It is a great way for him to spend some time with each of our clients while delivering the joy and happiness that a boutique of flowers can bring.  That’s why flower day is one of Harrison’s favorite days of the year!