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Harrison and Ted Stebbins

Harrison and Ted Stebbins

In 1986, at the age of 16, Ted Stebbins suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in the need for 24-hour assistance. Ted’s 14 year old brother, Harrison, became one of his primary caregivers. The Stebbins brothers have been involved in home care for over 30 years and understand firsthand the relationship between a caregiver and the individual receiving care.

In 2004, Ted and Harrison’s grandmother moved to an assisted living facility in the greater Boston area. As her dementia progressed, it became clear that she would need care beyond what the facility could provide. The Stebbins family reached out to a home care agency to help manage her care so she could continue to live independently. Ted and Harrison recognized the parallels between Ted’s needs and their grandmother’s needs and realized they could use their experience to help other families. The Stebbins family is dedicated to building a team of caregivers that they would want taking care of their loves ones. Call today to discuss how our experience can provided solutions for you and your family.

To Harrison,

I am delighted to be in a position to recommend you and your company, Amazing Grace, as an outstanding group of caregivers. I have been extraordinarily impressed with the honesty and sensitivity they bring to their tasks. For example, when my wife was brought to the hospital two times and needed to be accompanied by someone from family, you made it your business to accompany her until someone else was available. For devotion and consideration your work stands out.

– Larry Fuchs, Canton, MA